Why mobile games need localization to be succeed in Vietnam?

The world of the mobile game has experienced explosive growth in recent years, with millions of people worldwide playing games on their smartphones and tablets every day. In this highly competitive market, localization is becoming an increasingly important aspect for game developers to consider

What is game localization?

The term means an adaptation of a video game for the international market. The different stages of video game localization include video game translations, linguistic processes, and internationalization.

Localization is everywhere. That is because the public can only enjoy entertainment products if they are able to understand them. Without video game localization, many gamers would not fancy game projects that are not native to them. Thus, video game localization brings a lot of market improvements to game projects to ensure that they get adequate international recognition. This may appear obvious but often we don’t think about why this is the case. 

In more detail, according to The EF English Proficiency Index 2021 report, from 52nd place in 2019, Vietnam has dropped to 66th in the ranking – which proves that using a product entirely in English is not a suitable option. The case could be similar to other language like Korean, Chinese or Japanese. 

Ref: The EF English Proficiency Index 2021 for Asia

Here are five reasons why mobile games need localization before enter the Vietnamese market:

1.Increased Reach:

Mobile games are popular in many different countries and regions, each with its own unique culture, language, and preferences. By localizing your game, you can reach a much wider audience, as players are more likely to download and play games that are in their own language.


2.Improved User Experience:

When players play games in their own language, they are able to fully understand the game’s mechanics, story, and objectives. This results in a more enjoyable and engaging experience for the player. Localization also helps to avoid confusion and frustration caused by language barriers and cultural differences. 

3.Better Engagement:

When players feel understood and appreciated, they are more likely to stick around and play your game for longer. Localization can help to build trust and create a sense of community between players, leading to increased engagement and retention.


4.Increased Revenue:

By expanding your reach and improving player engagement, localization can lead to increased revenue from in-app purchases and advertisements. This is because players are more likely to spend money on games that they are invested in and enjoy playing.

5.Increased Competition:

The mobile gaming market is highly competitive, with new games being released every day. By localizing your game, you can stand out from the crowd and gain an advantage over competitors who have not taken the time to localize their games. Localization can also help you to better understand and compete in local markets, where regional preferences and trends can have a big impact on success.


You must take the right steps to ensure your video game project maximizes its potential. Localizing your video game project has so many benefits. Still, it doesn’t come off easily – you have to work with a professional game translation company to get the best services in record time.

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