Gamota is Awarded “Best Game Publisher” at Gameverse 2024
Gamota is Awarded "Best Game Publisher" at Gameverse 2024

On May 11, 2024, Vietnam Game Awards – The annual award of Vietnam GameVerse named GAMOTA in the most important category: Best Game Publisher 2024.

Gamota achieved fruitful results at Gameverse 2024

More than 10 years on the market, owning over 150 games and more than 35 million users, GAMOTA comes to GameVerse 2024 as one of the top 3 Game Publishers in Vietnam. With its contributions to the Vietnamese gaming community, the Golden Galaxy “Best Game Publisher” award at GameVerse’s main activity – Vietnam Game Awards 2024 convincingly called GAMOTA’s name, along with VNG.

Gamota is Awarded "Best Game Publisher" at Gameverse 2024

GAMOTA and VNG – The Best Game Publishers in 2024

“Our goal is always to bring value to the Vietnamese gaming community; we choose high quality games and users are our most important factor” – Ms. Vu Thi Trang, CEO of GAMOTA said. “The 2024 Best Game Publisher award is an honor and pride, even a driving force for GAMOTA to continue to grow strongly in the future, contributing to building the Vietnamese game industry.” Gamota is Awarded "Best Game Publisher" at Gameverse 2024

Ms. Vu Thi Trang – CEO of GAMOTA received the award for “Best Game Publisher” 

Two games of GAMOTA Publisher were also honored in the top 5 in 3 categories at Vietnam Game Awards 2024. “Alo Chủ Tướng” is in the nomination for the Best Mobile Game award, while GAMOTA’s famous game “Tru Tiên 3D” also excelled in two categories – Game of the Year and Most Favorite Gamer Community.

These are all results from the efforts of the GAMOTA team, recognized by experts and many gamers in the community in Vietnam. Not only successful with awards and nominations, GAMOTA also made a strong impression on GameVerse 2024 event participants with a beautiful and majestic event booth, made up of characters from famous games in more than 150 games of this publisher.

Gamota is Awarded "Best Game Publisher" at Gameverse 2024

GAMOTA’s event booth at GameVerse 2024Gamota is Awarded "Best Game Publisher" at Gameverse 2024

There are always long lines of participants lining up at GAMOTA’s booth

Most attendees felt excited and surprised by GAMOTA’s series of “nonstop” mini-games. They  had the opportunity to bring home thousands of valuable gifts. Besides, promotional activities and the highlight of selling blind bags also attracts many gamers to the GAMOTA booth.

Gamota Joins Forces with GameHub’s Appraisal Council

Not only made an impression on participants at the event, GAMOTA also made great contributions. GAMOTA’s CEO – Ms. Vu Thi Trang was a judge on the Appraisal and Training Council for projects at GameHub’s pitching round – one of the main activities at GameVerse 2024. This is a great honor because GAMOTA has the opportunity to accompany large corporations and companies to carry out its mission with the gaming community in Vietnam.

Gamota is Awarded "Best Game Publisher" at Gameverse 2024“Judges of the GameHub’s Appraisal and Training Council – program to find and invest in potential game projects”

Striving to the Future with Innovation

As a bright spot in the Vietnamese gaming community, GameVerse 2024 is now not only a major event but also a forum for exchange and connection, a source of inspiration and motivation for the development of the gaming industry. With pride and honor to contribute to the common success and receive awards, GAMOTA is constantly striving to bring high quality games and the best experiences to the gaming community with a series of events, big updates for currently released games as well as plans to launch completely new games, worth looking forward to for gamers.