What Makes a Good Video Ad for your Game?

What Are Video Ads Used for?

Definition: Mobile game video ads are a popular and effective app monetization strategy that publishers use to promote their games and increase revenues. Mobile video ads are very effective in ensuring better engagement.

To start discussing video ads for social media, it’s important to first understand their purpose. 

Video ads are designed for social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok, with the primary goal of attracting users to a mobile application or game. Essentially, video ads are utilized as part of paid user acquisition campaigns. 

It’s important to note that video ads are distinct from app promo videos.

The Difference Between a Video Ad and an App Promo Video


Although both video ads and app promo videos are used to acquire users, they serve different purposes. 

App promo videos are designed for organic user acquisition on Google Play and Apple’s App Store, while video ads are used for paid user acquisition on social media platforms. Although they may appear similar, the app promo video is typically longer and more focused on explaining the game, its features, and benefits, similar to a game trailer or explainer video. 

Video ads, on the other hand, usually focus on one or two game features and may follow current advertising trends rather than fully showcasing the game itself. Additionally, app promo videos and video ads are usually created in different dimensions.

What Makes a Good Video Ad for Social Media?

How do you know if your video ad is good?

Well, there are a couple of different criteria that need to be met. 

Gets Attention

Getting attention is a crucial aspect of advertising that determines its effectiveness. When it comes to mobile game advertising, the challenge lies in standing out among the multitude of games saturating the market. With numerous gaming options available to consumers, your game needs to make a lasting impression.

Crafting a high-quality video ad is essential in capturing the viewer’s interest and setting your game apart. A well-crafted video ad can truly make all the difference. On the other hand, a video ad that fails to capture attention simply won’t cut it. To succeed in the competitive mobile game market, it’s crucial to create a video ad that’s both engaging and visually stunning.

Makes the Game Look Interesting

What Makes a Good Video Ad for your Game?

One of the key functions of a video ad is to showcase the game in an appealing light and entice gamers to give it a try.

This requires requires highlighting the features that make the game unique and captivating – from the gameplay mechanics to the art style and characters. It’s essential to craft the video in a way that speaks directly to your target audience and leaves them itching to dive in and play. 

By showcasing the game’s standout elements in a visually stunning and engaging way, you can create a video ad that truly resonates with gamers and drives conversions.

Increases App Download 

Most importantly, a good video ad should maximize installs. After all, the main purpose of video ads is user acquisition – get people to download and play your game. 

If a video ad is boosting downloads at an affordable CPI, that means it’s good and working. On the other hand, if there’s no difference in install rates, that means the video ad needs some work or you need to make a new one altogether.

Increases Frequency

Here’s the kicker.

Crafting an effective video ad for mobile games on social media not only drives more installs and conversions but can also improve the game’s frequency rates.

When a video ad successfully captures a player’s attention and clearly explains the game mechanics and features, the likelihood of that player continuing to play and reinstall the game increases. By providing a comprehensive understanding of the game, the player is more likely to become invested in it and continue playing.

Thus, video ads are more than just a tool for user acquisition but also a valuable asset in guiding users through the conversion funnel.

Conclusion on Video Ads for Social Media:

You now have the knowledge to craft compelling video ads for social media and drive user acquisition for your mobile game!

But if you face any challenges while creating your video ads, don’t hesitate to contact us. We have extensive experience in user acquisition and expertise in developing top-notch video ads for mobile games.

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