Top Factors to Successful Mobile Games in Vietnam
Top Factors to Successful Mobile Games in Vietnam

The gaming industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in recent years, especially in the Vietnamese market. According to a report by Statista, by the end of 2022, the gaming industry in Vietnam will generate about 847.16 million USD in revenue. Of this, Vietnamese mobile games account for the largest share with over 70% of total revenue.

Continuous updates

One of the most important factors that help Vietnamese mobile games succeed is continuous updates. Vietnamese game developers regularly add new content, features, maps, characters, etc. to attract old players and attract new players.

For example, the game Magic Dream Tiles by Amanotes in Vietnam has the highest player engagement rate due to the continuous addition of new songs and even the singer’s vocals.

Top Factors to Successful Mobile Games in Vietnam

People always want new things, not just in music but also in games. They like when there are fresh features, maps, and characters added regularly to make the game more interesting. Vietnamese gamers, especially, enjoy new and different stuff. If you keep surprising and keeping them interested, they will stick around and stay loyal. 

Free and reduced difficulty

The most popular mobile game genre in Vietnam is casual games, entertainment games. These are games with simple gameplay, easy to access, suitable for a variety of players.

VNG’s Gunpow is a masterclass in this approach. Targeting casual players who prefer a light, non-competitive experience, it offers free access to its charming world. This low barrier to entry casts a wide net, attracting a massive player base.

Top Factors to Successful Mobile Games in Vietnam


Making the game less difficult is essential to really capture players’ interest. Vietnamese gamers usually play for short bursts, wanting quick excitement without the pressure of hard-to-learn games. Garena’s Free Fire is a great example of this. Its short 4-minute tutorial and quick matches, which are half the length of games like PUBG, make it easy for even beginners to join in and feel the excitement.

Simple instructions, gameplay duration is not too long

Mobile game players often tend to play games for short periods of time, when they are free. Therefore, Vietnamese game developers often design games with simple instructions and short gameplay durations.

Top Factors to Successful Mobile Games in Vietnam

Take Garena’s Free Fire again. Its lightning-fast matches, typically under 10 minutes, cater perfectly to this on-the-go mentality. This bite-sized approach not only keeps players engaged but also encourages them to come back for more, creating a loyal and active community.

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Team play mode

In Vietnamese culture, the concept of team spirit runs deep. This also applies to games, making team play mode a powerful tool for engagement. Governor of Poker 3 leverages this perfectly with its unique guild/clan feature. Players band together, strategize, and compete as a unit, fostering a strong sense of community and belonging.

Top Factors to Successful Mobile Games in Vietnam

Team play drives up engagement, with players more likely to return for guild events, clan rivalries, and coordinated challenges. Remember, in Vietnam, games are more than just a digital wonderland; they’re a platform for forging lasting connections.

Many shopping features

Getting free games is popular, but Vietnamese game creators know it’s important to have various shopping options. For MMORPG, Strategy and RPG genre, the range of players are mostly midcore to hardcore when they are willing to spend a substantial amount of money for in-game items to save up a little of time farming experience. Take Tru Tien of Gamota as an example, our in-game store offers various items from skins, pets to weapons. This gives players a sense of open word engagement. Buying those items can save them a lot of time farming or just serve aesthetical aspects.  

When done subtly, these can bring in money without spoiling the free-to-play fun. Take , for example. It earns a lot by offering cool outfits for its female characters. These purchases are optional and let players personalize their experience, making them feel special.

Top Factors to Successful Mobile Games in Vietnam

The important thing is not to be tricky. Stick to things like changing looks, items that make things easier, and extra content that doesn’t make paying players way too strong. Vietnamese gamers care about getting value for their money, so if you treat them well, they’ll be happy to spend. Remember to integrate with supported payment options so that the purchasing process is more seamless and convenient. 

A friendly reminder that Gamota offers to our players various payment method to choose, from our own payment technologies – AppotaCard and AppotaPay to global options like Mastercard, Visa or PayPal. 

Team up with Gamota

In conclusion, the Vietnamese mobile gaming market has immense potential, waiting to be harnessed by those who understand and play by the rules. The factors we’ve listed above are some that you should consider the most, but that’s not enough. There will be sudden difficulties along the way as Vietnam can be a unpredictable market, so you will need a reliable companion

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