Gamota – Profitable Business Plans in 2023
Gamota - profitable business plans in 2023

Gamota is a leading company in the game publishing industry in Vietnam. In the announcement of the first 6 months of 2023, Gamota achieved remarkable and positive achievements, marking a significant turning point in its development journey in the early stages of the year.

During the first 6 months of 2023, Gamota continuously launched 5 blockbuster game products, as well as an exclusive release in Vietnam. The game “Alo Chủ Tướng” with impressive achievements on the charts such as Top App for 1 week and continuously reaching the top 1 strategy game on the Appstore. In addition, the game has gained popularity among players with very positive ratings of 4.7/5 (Google Play) and 4.9/5 (Appstore).

Tru Tiên 3D Continues to Make Impressive Strides

Representing the success of Gamota, the game “Tru Tiên 3D” has accompanied with the Vietnamese game market in general and Vietnamese gamers in particular for 6 years.

Tru Tiên 3D was honored to achieve the “Top 5 games with the most beautiful graphics” at the Vietnam Game Award 2023 ceremony on April 1, 2023. In addition, in the past month, Tru Tiên 3D has organized an offline event for gamers in Saigon with over 1500 participants and plans to continue managing the offline event for gamers in Hanoi this July. The game “Tru Tiên 3D” still affirms its position in the hearts of Vietnamese gamers.

Tru Tien 3D -Gamota become The Winner of the “Best Graphic Design Award”

Gamota Intensifies Investment in 2023

One of the notable points in Gamota’s plan for 2023, especially in the last 6 months of the year is the investment expansion. Instead of being affected by the general market downturn, Gamota decided to strengthen development and invest in 2 new projects named Gabros and Playee. This is a significant step to help Gamota affirm its position and achieve higher success later on.

The Gabros project is a promising game studio. With the combination of talented IT teams and Gamota’s 10 year-experience in game publishing, Gabros promises to bring the most exciting games to the Vietnamese game market. It is expected that Gamota will launch a total of 12 new games this year, creating a diverse and rich experience for players.

In addition, Gamota also focuses on the Playee social network project, dedicated to the gamer community. Playee creates an exclusive, diverse, and creative interaction platform. This social network site will allow users to share game reviews, reload/download gates, and interact with people with the same interests. Gamota believes that investing in Playee will pave the way for success in online connectivity for the gaming community.

Gamota - profitable business plans in 2023

About Gamota

Founded in 2013, Gamota is one of the three largest mobile game publishers in Vietnam with over 150 games released and 35 million users. Gamota is proud to be a leading publisher in understanding the market with the Gamota Lab channel – where you can find all the information and analysis about the Vietnamese game market.